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All my Longboard's are single fin, have a full resin polish, solid timber tailblocks and are of the highest quality. My polishes are polished resin. I DO NOT use any automotive clears, like many other manufacturers. All my boards are glassed with 6oz cloth. Two layers on the deck and 1 layer underneath. **Genuine 10oz Volan, F16, optional**.

I do not use regular 10oz  cloth and tint it with green colour to look like 'Volan', like some other board builders.

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Noserider model with Old school rails and bottom in Royal Blue. This one has my usual handmade D fin, but this one was made for a fin box for easy travelling.  

Noserider model with white deck, Royal blue Old school rails and black pin line. Handmade tailblock and D fin for a fin box.

9'6"Olive green Resin tint with contrasting Resin pin line and custom tail block. $1500 

Custom 9'6" Noserider with a square tail and  a custom timber fin, made to customers requirements. Resin pigment stripes, no paint. The noserider model is about 1kg heavier than most Longboards.  Noseriding boards need to have a bit more weight to keep the boards stable.

This is a Noserider model with the hand made tail block and Fin. Deep Red and black streaks, Resin Tint. Available in various colour combinations. Board covers and leashes available too. $1590
Noserider model, resin tint. Available in various colours. $1590

9'6" This is my own board. As a 'Noserider' I've moved the widest point of the board further to the rear. Usually the widest point of a longboard is forward of the center of the board which makes the board pick up speed and you end up out in the 'green water' having to cutback. Moving the widest point just rear of the center, helps keep you in the curl where you need to be. Slight roll bottom in the tail, flatter rocker, soft rails and Pin Tail, together make a great board for walking and noseriding. A kick in the tail keeps the board alive. Resin tint and pigment pin line. Handmade tailblock and 'D' fin. $1590 

Traditional leggy bridge. Your choice  between this or modern leggy plug.

9'6" White Triple stringer with super high gloss Resin polish, tailblock and 'Rising sun' fin. $1590.

9'6" Stacky. Stripes all done in pigmented resin, no paint. Available with either square or pintail. $1500

9'6" This is my most popular Longboard shape. Flatter rocker than most Longboards makes it glide fast. Soft rails and a kick in the tail makes this board a great board for all styles of surfing. Blue and Turquoise Single fin longboard with tail block $1450. Same look board done in resin $1500 

Noserider with yellow pigment and red pigment streaks. Hand made Balsa 'D' fin and tail block. $1590
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9'6" Triple stringer boards add weight and aid stability in the water for getting your board in 'trim' and noseriding. A heavier, more stable board will also sink into the wave more, slowing things down to allow you to get your 'style' sorted. Blue resin tint and resin pin line and Tailblock. $1500 
Emerald green 9'6" resin tint with cut laps. Tail patch and custom green fin. $1500
9'6" Violet and Magenta Resin tint with custom fin and tailblock. $1500 
Noserider with pigment reasin work, hand crafted 'D' fin and hand made tailblock. Available in colours or styles of your choice. $1590

Genuine Indigenous artwork by local artist 'CROCODLIE'

9'2" Yellow rails with Black pin lines classic spray. $1450. Same board with stripes in resin $1500 

9'6" Turquoise pigment underneath/Old school rails and multi coloured resin tinted deck.  Custom Green fin. $1500
Traditional style leggy bridge. Your choice between this or modern leggy plug.