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Fins & Resin Work

I have a vast array of tints and pigments to cater for just about any colour that you may choose. Fron single colour pigments and tints, to multi-coloured pigment 'swirl' designs. Also, resin stripes and panels, no problem.

My design version of the 'D' fin works much better than original 'D'fins, as they have a modified shape, more rake and better foiling. You can do extremely hard turns with this fin and setup. This fin can be ordered with or without colour around the edge.

Hand made fins for TwinFin boards, Shorties or Longboards all superb quality.

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9" Green Joel Tudor fin and hand crafted tail block. Solid timber tail blocks prevent common damage to this area of the board. Adds class too. 
Noserider with pigment reasin work, hand crafted 'D' fin and hand made tailblock. Available in colours or styles of your choice. $1590
This is my own design 'D' style fin. This design works ten times better than the old style 'D' fins, with it's modified shape, rake and foiling. Hand made and used on my Noserider model.

7'2" single fin retro shortboard with Swirl pigment, pigment deck and resin pinlines.

9" Yellow, Orange and White Joel Tudor model fin

9" Two tone Blue spray, tailblock and custom made fin $1450. The same look of board with spripes done in resin $1500. 

Carbon look Joel Tudor model 9" fin.

7'2" retro shortboard with resin work top and bottom.

9'6" Longboard with triple strings blank. Also cedar balsa coloured foam and other extras available.

9" Red and White custom fin
9" Green tint Joel Tudor model Fin box fin
These green stripes and very fine black pin lines is all done in resin, no paint. Any sort of resin tints, pigments, swirls etc available too.
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Resin swirls and streaks like this are available in multiple colours. Normally finished off with a pigment on the underside and a resin pin line to seperate them.

Rising Sun Timber fin. Available 8-10" Finbox or glass on.

Assorted timber and fiberglass Fin box fins
Traditional style leggy bridge. Your choice between this or modern leggy plug.

9" Blue tint Fin box fin. Unbelievable quality

9" Clear Fin box fin
Handcrafted solid timber tailblock and Balsa 'D' fin